Tanja Diederich on variations in lexical signs in the Dogon area – 7 march 2019

Date:                7 March 2019

Time:               17:00 – 18:00

Location:        Leiden University, Lipsius 1.30

Languages:     English

Translation:    International Sign


Tanja Diederich is visiting from Berlin, and she will have her talk on:

Variation of lexical signs in sign languages of the Dogon area (Mali): a corpus analysis.

Research on variation is more often done concerning European or Asian sign languages. In these studies phonological and lexical variation is found mostly for the three categories colours, numerals and kinship terms. For my MA-thesis I analysed variation of these categories in the sign language of the Dogon area. The Dogon area is located in the center of Mali. It is a small region with limited health care. The variants I identified where annotated using Stokoes Notation System. During my talk I will first of all define general terms like phonological and lexical variation. Then I will present the results of my research (showing some of the variants and explaining if there are differences due to age, sex or region).