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Lecture Series – Spring 2018 Schedule

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15 February 2018

The Iranian Sign Language Dictionary: How Representative is it Really?
NARGESS ASGHARI, Leiden University

15 March 2018

Language Use & Communication Experiences of Deaf Students in Kenia
RAIKA WOLFF, Hochschule Magdenburg-Stendal

19 April 2018

Sign Language Acquisition: Grammatical Development (Acquisition of American Sign Language by Deaf Children)
DIANE LILLO-MARTIN, University of Connecticut

“Help Build our Deaf Nation”: A Transnational History of the Deaf Community in Kenya, 1950s-1980s.
SAM DE SCHUTTER, Leiden University

17 May 2018

Size and shape specifiers in Russian Sign Language and how they differ from gesture
MASHA KYUSEVA, University of Melbourne/University of Birmingham

14 June 2018

Signing Human Rights. An Exploratory History of Deaf Internationalism since the 1970s
PAUL VAN TRIGT, Universiteit Leiden