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Spring 2018 Schedule


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14 June 2018

Signing Human Rights. An Exploratory History of Deaf Internationalism since the 1970s
PAUL VAN TRIGT, Leiden University

Practices of Belonging: Claiming Deafness in Elderly Care
ANJA HIDDINGA, University of Amsterdam (UvA)


17 May 2018

Size and shape specifiers in Russian Sign Language and how they differ from gesture
MASHA KYUSEVA, University of Melbourne/University of Birmingham

Experiments investigating the emergence of structure and meaning in gesture and sign language.
TESSA VERHOEF, Leiden University


19 April 2018

Sign Language Acquisition: Grammatical Development (Acquisition of American Sign Language by Deaf Children)
DIANE LILLO-MARTIN, University of Connecticut

“Help Build our Deaf Nation”: A Transnational History of the Deaf Community in Kenya, 1950s-1980s.
SAM DE SCHUTTER, Leiden University


15 March 2018

Language Use & Communication Experiences of Deaf Students in Kenia
RAIKA WOLFF, Hochschule Magdenburg-Stendal


15 February 2018

The Iranian Sign Language Dictionary: How Representative is it Really?
NARGESS ASGHARI, Leiden University